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Grass Fed & Finished + Locally Produced + Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Andalia Family Operated Farm

We are a family owned and operated business focusing on regenerating the land through holistic grazing management practices.

As of 2021 we are now selling our grass fed & finished, hormone & antibiotic free beef which is produced at Gindie in Central QLD


Beef Packs

Smokin' BBQ - 9kg


Eye Fillet, Rib Fillet, Porterhouse, Brisket, Topside Roast, Patties, Thick Sausages

Family Favourites - 13kg


Rump, Y-Bone, Rolled Roast, Silverside (fresh or corned), Diced Beef, Osso Bucco, Mince, Thin Sausages

The Works (previous 1/8 Pack) - 22kg


Eye Fillet, Rib Fillet, Porterhouse, Rump, Y-Bone, Brisket, Rolled Roast, Silverside (fresh or corned), Topside Roast, Patties, Diced Beef, Osso Bucco, Mince, Thick & Thin Sausages

The Mega Works (previous 1/4 Pack) - 44kg


The Works Pack x 2

Extra Mince and Sausages




Pork Packs

The Teacup (1/4 pig) - 10kg


Roast, Chops, Bacon

Half a Hog (1/2 pig) - 20kg


Your choice from each cut shoulder, middle, belly and leg.

Tallow & Lard

Grass Fed and Finished 500ML


Grass Fed and Finished 1L


Honey 500gm


Honey 1kg


Honey 3kg


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Our Vision

Healthy land and healthy food

The vision for our life and business is to be working together as a family, successfully regenerating the land that we are custodians of. We want to love and respect others and live in a way that is respectful to our creator in all aspects of life and business. We want to grow and expand our business to develop a venture that will continue on after us creating healthy environments, healthy animals, healthy food and healthy people. Success to us is to continually be improving personally, improving our land and improving our business.

For us personally we wish to spend quality time with our young family, giving them a solid foundation, assisting them in achieving their visions and goals and creating a business that they are proud of and wish to call their own if they so desire. For our land we wish to see ecological diversity, increasing our soil carbon our organic matter and the life beneath our feet and in turn our drought resistance. For our business we wish to increase the diversity in enterprises, resilience in all seasons and enjoy the privilege of working within this amazing creation.


Bees & Honey

Ever wanted to own bees and harvest your own honey or you need to expand your current numbers?

We are now taking orders for going hives, 5 frame nucs through to 10 frames.

  • 5 Frame Nucs $270
  • 10 Frame Box $480

Coming Soon

Watch this space for Organic and conventional honey coming soon!

Andalia Pastoral Bees and Honey

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